Sunday, March 27, 2011


This is just going to be thoughts in my head right now since i have no other way to express them.

Right now im just missing my Angel! It has been almost a week since he left & i still haven't heard from him and I'm starting to get worried. I wish i knew something or just hear one word from him and it would calm me down. I miss him so damn much and maybe this type of life isn't fit for me but for him i will do anything. Even if it means being a military wife or girlfriend for now, i will try to be the best at it for my loser!

In my head i just keep replaying those smart comments he used to always make lol He was such a dork, idiot, and childish but thats how i love him! He used to always make me laugh and make me feel better with his remarks. I used to always tell him too, that his words were so strong and they meant more than any object or physical action.

I'll even give you proof of how much of a dork he is:

He once messaged me this picture haha he's such a loser! a loser that eats wallets! O.O

Theres so many things i loved of him one thing though, is he always called me "cubby cakes" and rarely my name but that just made it more special when he did, i used to love it :)

He means so much to me because he saved me from my darkness and just gives me hope and motivation everyday! He seriously does so much for me without him knowing he does. & he says i do the same which  I'm thankful for because i wouldn't know any other way to repay him.

Even though ill be getting days like these in the next 7 & a half weeks im going to always remember that once he's back everything will be better for him & his family! and i can't wait to see how that is like!

Well i guess enough babbling for now because i need to go to sleep for school tomorrow at 6 in the morning just like every other day! bleh que flojera!

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