Saturday, April 2, 2011

This Weekend...

Now i have been feeling like im abandoning this blog but no worries im not :D

This weekend! has been amazing so far. Theres nothing like spending time with family, well for me. Most people rely on friends for fun but i get it from my family. We always have the best time together and honestly, i wish i can describe it but i just can't.

Whenever my sister stays over is the best because we are always playing games and staying up as long as we can. That's how it has been since Friday until maybe Monday.

Now tomorrow might be the best day yet and i said might because today was pretty bad-ass! Especially that my love called me for 8 minutes but just knowing he was ok made everything better. I can't stop thinking about our mini conversation, it makes me sooo happy

Well tomorrow is going to be Wrestlemania! and we are going to celebrate mines and Laura's birthday! i might not get presents but being with them all and watching wrestling is the best present i can get!

Well im going to sleep now because i'm tired since in the weekdays i barely get any sleep

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