Tuesday, October 18, 2011



is a very CONFUSING thing.
i guess it is just something you figure out along the way & not waste time trying to figure it out. because in the end. the story will have its meant ending.
even though life is hard right now... i think i have an idea in why.
i already had my mind set that i need to settle down and have kids and marriage when i am only 19!! Do you know how crazy that seems. well these days maybe not really crazy but for me, it is.
I now know that love is for later and right now the only thing i can do is make my life what i want it to be.!
I need to pursue my dreams and accomplish my goals. which i haven't figure out what they all are but here goes a few:
1.Know ALL there is to know on Math.
2.win the Fields Medal for Math 
3.become an accountant [CPA] 
4.own a animal shelter
5.be comfortable in my own body and show out my confidence
6.become a phlebotomist.
7.find TRUE love
YES, in that order!!! from most important to least :D
Let's just hope that a mistake isn't [resent in me though... well i wouldn't call it a mistake but in a way yes...

Anyways... all i can do right now is keep living life without letting me broken heart bother me. even though it does get to me...

Wish me luck :) and i wish who ever is reading this luck back in your own goals ♥

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