Sunday, January 22, 2012

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eyebrow Art


I honestly never liked my eyebrows.! i would always leave them too hairy or i would always mess one up.! & i don't get them done because of the one time that i tried. They looked HORRIBLE!!! So i will NEVER trust anyone else with my eyebrows!!.

So today I noticed they were looking horrible so i did them. & for the first time i LOVE them!!

I was also watching a whole bunch of Kandee Johnson videos on YouTube like this one:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

& it made want to do this!
Here's some pictures:

Closer look:

Not as good as Kandee's but i love it!

This is a fun way to look daring and i very much enjoyed walking down the street like this :D

bye bye now :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011



is a very CONFUSING thing.
i guess it is just something you figure out along the way & not waste time trying to figure it out. because in the end. the story will have its meant ending.
even though life is hard right now... i think i have an idea in why.
i already had my mind set that i need to settle down and have kids and marriage when i am only 19!! Do you know how crazy that seems. well these days maybe not really crazy but for me, it is.
I now know that love is for later and right now the only thing i can do is make my life what i want it to be.!
I need to pursue my dreams and accomplish my goals. which i haven't figure out what they all are but here goes a few:
1.Know ALL there is to know on Math. the Fields Medal for Math 
3.become an accountant [CPA] 
4.own a animal shelter comfortable in my own body and show out my confidence
6.become a phlebotomist.
7.find TRUE love
YES, in that order!!! from most important to least :D
Let's just hope that a mistake isn't [resent in me though... well i wouldn't call it a mistake but in a way yes...

Anyways... all i can do right now is keep living life without letting me broken heart bother me. even though it does get to me...

Wish me luck :) and i wish who ever is reading this luck back in your own goals ♥

Saturday, April 2, 2011

This Weekend...

Now i have been feeling like im abandoning this blog but no worries im not :D

This weekend! has been amazing so far. Theres nothing like spending time with family, well for me. Most people rely on friends for fun but i get it from my family. We always have the best time together and honestly, i wish i can describe it but i just can't.

Whenever my sister stays over is the best because we are always playing games and staying up as long as we can. That's how it has been since Friday until maybe Monday.

Now tomorrow might be the best day yet and i said might because today was pretty bad-ass! Especially that my love called me for 8 minutes but just knowing he was ok made everything better. I can't stop thinking about our mini conversation, it makes me sooo happy

Well tomorrow is going to be Wrestlemania! and we are going to celebrate mines and Laura's birthday! i might not get presents but being with them all and watching wrestling is the best present i can get!

Well im going to sleep now because i'm tired since in the weekdays i barely get any sleep

Sunday, March 27, 2011


This is just going to be thoughts in my head right now since i have no other way to express them.

Right now im just missing my Angel! It has been almost a week since he left & i still haven't heard from him and I'm starting to get worried. I wish i knew something or just hear one word from him and it would calm me down. I miss him so damn much and maybe this type of life isn't fit for me but for him i will do anything. Even if it means being a military wife or girlfriend for now, i will try to be the best at it for my loser!

In my head i just keep replaying those smart comments he used to always make lol He was such a dork, idiot, and childish but thats how i love him! He used to always make me laugh and make me feel better with his remarks. I used to always tell him too, that his words were so strong and they meant more than any object or physical action.

I'll even give you proof of how much of a dork he is:

He once messaged me this picture haha he's such a loser! a loser that eats wallets! O.O

Theres so many things i loved of him one thing though, is he always called me "cubby cakes" and rarely my name but that just made it more special when he did, i used to love it :)

He means so much to me because he saved me from my darkness and just gives me hope and motivation everyday! He seriously does so much for me without him knowing he does. & he says i do the same which  I'm thankful for because i wouldn't know any other way to repay him.

Even though ill be getting days like these in the next 7 & a half weeks im going to always remember that once he's back everything will be better for him & his family! and i can't wait to see how that is like!

Well i guess enough babbling for now because i need to go to sleep for school tomorrow at 6 in the morning just like every other day! bleh que flojera!

Movie Opinions #2

Since i didn't get to share my opinion about the movies i saw yesterday, I'll do it now before i see any movies today.

Now yesterday i went to the theater, which trust me is rare!, and i saw the other  movie, that I've seen before but still wanted to share because its that damn Great!, at night after finishing my work-out. The two movies i saw:

1.Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Which was super amazing! sooo hilarious and the story is so cool. It's about siblings not getting along but in the end you know they will always be there for you, to those who have siblings should know this is true :). I recommend it to people who are open-minded & don't think they are too old to see this. I'm 18 and I was proud to be seen going into this movie because i loved! the first one. Theres even proof that it was a great movie.

  • Made $24.4 million this weekend
  • Was rated A- by movie critics
  • & is the #1 movie this weekend!
Seriously go watch this movie! You're going to be laughing your ass off the whole time. Its so worth watching!

2.Pearl Harbor

Now everyone knows about this movie. In my opinion the only good movie that are shown by teachers. I love the romance in it & hopefully this doesn't happen to me. It makes me a little paranoid that I'll receive that letter saying that my Angel died & it not being true. But if you haven't seen it then you are part of the 1% in the world that haven't and that's sad! Seriously watch it im not trying to make you feel bad :)

In contrast, these are very different movies but both are my all time favorite! and ill watch them a million times more if i wanted to :D