Sunday, March 27, 2011

Movie Opinions #2

Since i didn't get to share my opinion about the movies i saw yesterday, I'll do it now before i see any movies today.

Now yesterday i went to the theater, which trust me is rare!, and i saw the other  movie, that I've seen before but still wanted to share because its that damn Great!, at night after finishing my work-out. The two movies i saw:

1.Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Which was super amazing! sooo hilarious and the story is so cool. It's about siblings not getting along but in the end you know they will always be there for you, to those who have siblings should know this is true :). I recommend it to people who are open-minded & don't think they are too old to see this. I'm 18 and I was proud to be seen going into this movie because i loved! the first one. Theres even proof that it was a great movie.

  • Made $24.4 million this weekend
  • Was rated A- by movie critics
  • & is the #1 movie this weekend!
Seriously go watch this movie! You're going to be laughing your ass off the whole time. Its so worth watching!

2.Pearl Harbor

Now everyone knows about this movie. In my opinion the only good movie that are shown by teachers. I love the romance in it & hopefully this doesn't happen to me. It makes me a little paranoid that I'll receive that letter saying that my Angel died & it not being true. But if you haven't seen it then you are part of the 1% in the world that haven't and that's sad! Seriously watch it im not trying to make you feel bad :)

In contrast, these are very different movies but both are my all time favorite! and ill watch them a million times more if i wanted to :D

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