Friday, March 25, 2011


Let me tell you about them! They are what i appreciate most that God gave me because without those wonderful and fun moments with them, my life wouldn't be completed.
We are soo much haha a big wonderful (at times) family! Theres my parents my 4 older sisters, my 2 younger sisters, my little brother, my nieces, & nephews. Now let me tell you a little bit about each of them:

Dad: My dad, he does so much for us! He works so hard to give us somewhere to live and giving us our necessities.
Mom: My mom does everything else my dad doesn't. She gives us support and always covers for us when we have done something bad haha.She's always jokes around with us and sometimes makes us feel like she's more than a mom like a friend or sister. She's awesome!
Angie: My oldest sister, and the least one im closest to since she's always lived far from us so i dont know her that well but she's family and ill do anything for her.
  •  Krystal:My oldest niece, Angie's daughter. She's is a crazy one thats for sure always had that big ball of energy inside her and is just like her mom! She always has that confidence in her that hopefully never gets away from her.
  •  Alize: Oh this girl! She is extremely winy haha but she's a very talkative one.
  •  Mary Jane: Now she's a toughy. Very! strong charactered, i can tell. She'll grow to be a good girl.
  •  Peter: Our first nephew, still so little and he's so short lol but he's great.
Laura: The one sister i share something with, our birthday which is soon :D She's very... something haha but she's awesome
  • Emily: Her daughter, her twin. they are sooo alike!
  • Bryan: "El Gordo" like my mom calls him! He's adorable and he was recently born. He's seriously the cutest!
Mary: Theres so much to say. She's the one i most looked up to and i can really talk to her for hours.

  • Jill: OMG my "Chilly" Ohh how i lovee her. She's the one i can't wait to see soon.
Sol: She's the other i can talk to non stop and i think we've been through a lot and she made me who i was, which i don't regret but finally realize it wasn't who i suppose to be. But i really owe her big time.

  • Kayla:She's more like a little sister than a niece. I always feel very protective over her and she's one of the ones I've seen grow up.
  • Liela: She's adorable! now that she's learning how to talk she's so cute! haha
Mati: My younger sister since ive always been close to both my younger sisters than we share a special bond i guess. at one point we actually liked the same guy which seems real weird to me lol
Andrea: Only if i could push some sense into this girl, but i guess its just that she's growing up but ill always see her as my little very little sister

Joey:The only brother that lives, and my mom calls a miracle, because of him we stay a bit tom-boyish.

Apart from them i still have an older sister, older brother (which i ALWAYS wanted to feel what its like) and another little brother, but unfortunately, they passed away all when they were really little.

 I guess i didn't say much but just to at least say their names i would post up pictures but some of them won't allow me. I always have the best times with them. This past weekend was one of the best. My sister Mary stayed over from Saturday to Tuesday and that was great because we always stay up late to play games and just have fun & my sister Sol came over too in the afternoons and all of us together was just awesome.

For April 3rd is our next get together. It's Wrestlemania & we're celebrating mines & Laura's bday. Whenever we're together we always have the best times so honestly i want this week to go fast! Faster than EVER!

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