Thursday, March 24, 2011

Before i go to sleep...

i would like to say welcome to my blog :D i just created this a few minutes ago and i did not want to go to sleep without blogging  something but it'll be quick

well let me tell you about myself my name is Lupe I'm an 18 year old girl currently and I'm Native American you can say since both my parents are Mayans from Guatemala. I'm a vegetarian ever since i first saw a PETA video in July 14, 2006 and i loveee animals so I'm planning to become a vet but i don't know yet. I'm currently in a relationship with Angel♥ since 6/30 and its a long distance relationship.

Let me tell you about this quick. Ive been in long distance relationships before and after the one before i promised myself that i wasn't going to go through that again. For that guy i gave everything up, everything and everyone and in the end i had no one. I felt so lonely in those dark days but there was one thing i would always look forward to, talking to my good myspace friend, which  i had for about 5 years then, Angel. He would always make me laugh and make me feel alive so after i find out he has a crush on me, then the real magic started. I wasn't a good people person at the time so online was like my other world my more comfortable world but it helped me through a lot so I'm not ashamed to say that. Well anyways i love my Air force man, he's seriously one of a kind and he makes me the happiest at times but i don't mind :) He's everything to me and hopefully always will be. Him being in the military is the only thing that worries me and I'm starting to see how bad it really is. He just left on Sunday for his basic training and I'm missing him so much! like Ive never missed anyone before! i cant wait until i at least get a letter from him! but the one good thing i feel i get out of this is that I'm getting closer to his family. i cant wait to see whats in store for me and him but i sure do know we're going to make the best memories together. Personal: he'll be my first in everything since I've never even kissed a guy so cant wait for that until he comes and visits at the end of the year :D

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  1. Hi Lupe!! Nice to read your blog. Im new here too and I just wrote my first one too!! :) I know what you are going through cos here is one person who lives in a long distance relationship too!! but well stay strong right!
    take care :)